Food Project

In every community there are those who, through illness, poverty, natural disasters or other problems, find difficulty in feeding their families. While it would be impossible for a small entity, such as the Lions Club of Hout Bay, to solve such a monumental problem on its own, we do as much as we can with our limited resources. The population of Hout Bay has grown from about 5 000 in the 80”s to approximately 60 000 in 2012.   Amongst those are migrants and immigrants many of whom are destitute persons with children, and become dependent on food projects due to the lack of  employment opportunities. 

Virtually since the Club was chartered in 1966 Lions have been collecting food from various sources and redistributing it to the needy. With the flood of rurla persons into the cities seeking work,  the number of needy has increased beyond anyones expectations.  This has led to greater food sourcing to try and match the needs.

Dedicated Lions collect or arrange collection of food every day from local supermarkets.   This food is then delivered to a number of distribution point from where it is redistributed to where it is most needed. These points include soup kitchens, several crèches and pre-schools, clinics, welfare organisations, community upliftment projects and, in some cases, to the homes of those unable to fetch it themselves.   The Hout Bay Lions are most appreciative of the major part played in this exercise by such local stores as Woolworths, Shoprite, Checkers and Oakhurst Spar in letting the Lions and other charities have some of their “sell-by” foods before they reach their “use-by” date.