Youth Sport Support

Lions Club has been involved in youth sport development through Lion Gerry Wood who has held this portfolio for many years.

The operating or managing of football in Hout Bay has gone through a number of iterations over the years, and still requires further attention. But using one of the most common words in South Africa, we are looking “forward” towards better results. While once, some years ago, the Hout Bay Football Association, was registered and compliant with SAFA Western Province, that compliance was disrupted by the number of senior migrants into Hout Bay from various parts of Africa. These migrants only wished to play football and gamble on the results, rather than pay SAFA fees.

In 2012 Hout Bay received the completion of City Council playing fields opposite the Police Station.  Users of this field have to be compliant with rules and regulations governing the facility – namely a Municipal Facilities Management Committee – with members from its multiple sports users such as football, netball, rugby, basketball and possibly cricket. This compliance regime has driven the Social League players and teams to apply for SAFA membership thru the Goodhope Local Football Association.

As at 2016 Hout Bay now has a Club playing in the Vodacom league which is a higher league than the normal Football District competions in Cape Town.  This was achieved by Hout Bay Community Football Club that was an amalgamation of a number of teams in the Valley.  They have had numerous successes but the higher level of football played showed the need for intensive coaching. WE wish them well.

The Hangberg area of Hout Bay has requested Lion Gerry Wood to set up a new Club named Hangberg FC. This team will be initially registered in Cape District of Wynberg while it goes through the registration process.